‘Evil’ rooster terrorizes NYC neighborhood, attacking residents

An “evil,” blood-thirsty rooster is terrorizing a Queens neighborhood along with his cock-y crew, according to a victim who ran “a-fowl” of the vicious bird this week.

Leon Suseran told NBC New York that he had just left his home on 169th Street in Jamaica to catch the bus to work Thursday when he suddenly “felt a peck on my left hand.

“This thing kept coming! It was so vicious — almost evil,” he said of the foul fowl.

“Blood was gushing, and I was trying to apply pressure to it — and [the bird] kept charging at me at the same time.”

The crowing attacker was eventually corralled by cops, according to footage its victim shared with the local TV channel.

Suseran was left with a bad gash on his hand and received a tetanus shot and antibiotics after his run-in with the neighborhood pest.

A rooster has terrorized a Queens neighborhood.
A rooster has terrorized a Queens neighborhood.
Leon Suseran
Rooster attack
The rooster was eventually corralled by the police.
Leon Suseran

The belligerent bird is one of an apparent flock of chickens owned by a neighbor that has already terrorized others, Suseran said.

“My neighbor got attacked in June, bit her ankle,” Suseran said of one of the birds. “They roam the streets, and residents need to be on the lookout.”

Rooster attack
Suseran received a tetanus shot and antibiotics after the rooster attack.
Leon Suseran

His mother, Indrowtie Suseran, told the outlet that the rooster “chased two kids” before.

“You can’t walk around here no more,” she complained.

Another neighbor added, “I’ve heard kids can’t ride scooters, you can’t walk freely.

“You’ve got to be careful now — about a rooster!” said the neighbor, who was not identified by NBC.

“It’s a big rooster. I mean, it’s not one you wanna eat,” she said with a laugh.

The neighbor IDed as owning the renegade rooster initially said “yeah” when asked by NBC if the bird was his, before another man in the building led him away and closed the door on the TV crew.

Suseran said he filed a complaint with the city’s Department of Health, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday. The NYPD did not immediately have any comment on the case, either.

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