Utah teen Morgan Sessions missing as her mother leads search

A teenage girl has been missing for nearly two weeks after vanishing from her home in the middle of the night.

Morgan Sessions, 17, of Eagle Mountain, has not been seen, or used her phone or bank account since Sept. 20, according to KUTV.

“I think about her nonstop. If she’s ok, if someone’s feeding her, if she’s being hurt, if she’s alive,” mother Rebecca Davis told the station.

Davis said she helped her daughter with homework the night she disappeared, but woke up to find Morgan gone without a trace, according to the outlet.

“In the morning, she was gone. She’d left her backpack with the homework we had done inside. She left her purse; she left her phone. Her school Chromebook, her personal Chromebook. Things she spent a lot of time and money on to earn,” Davis reportedly said.

“There’s something wrong, I just feel it. There’s something wrong.”

Sessions’ mother, Rebecca Davis, says she woke up to find Morgan gone.
Sessions’ mother, Rebecca Davis, says she woke up to find Morgan gone.
KUTV 2News

The family and local sheriffs are reportedly searching both in the Salt Lake City area and near the Arizona border, where the 5’1″ missing teen has family ties.

“I just wish I could hug her and tell her that I’m looking for her and I’m not stopping,” Sessions’ distraught mother reportedly said.

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