Zendaya has been ‘a shoulder to cry on’ amid fame

Zendaya is a “beautiful” and “wise owl,” according to Tom Holland.

The actor gushed over his co-star and girlfriend while explaining how she helped him cope with instant fame during a London event for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” on Sunday.

“The biggest way is just companionship, you know, like two friends coming together, experiencing this world, going through the same problems at the same times, having a shoulder to cry on, has been a huge thing for the pair of us,” Holland told the Associated Press on the red carpet.

“We really are a family and, you know, becoming famous at the age of 19, but, this is a different kind of fame,” he continued. “There’s not a corner of the world that ‘Spiderman’ hasn’t touched. It’s a lot to take in, so it’s really nice for me to have a family to share that with.”

The outlet also spoke to Zendaya on the carpet, who explained in her own words how she’s supported Holland as he’s adjusted to life in the spotlight.

Zendaya and Tom Holland on a red carpet
Tom Holland gushed over how supportive Zendaya has been of his acting career.

“I think one is just by supporting, you know, just being there,” she said. “I think sometimes you just have to be a person to vent to, someone to just be there and listen.”

Zendaya admitted that she was lucky enough where her life didn’t change overnight. The former “Shake It Up” star began her career when she was just a kid, so fame was a “slow progression,” unlike Holland’s experience.

“I think for him, it was so much all at once. Because when you’re ‘Spiderman,’ that’s kinda how it works. It’s like, you’re ‘Spiderman,’ your life changes,” she said. “So I have an extreme amount of empathy for that. Anything that I learned or have learned or continue to learn I share with him and anything he learns he shares with me.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland on a red carpet
Zendaya explained how their experiences with fame are different from one another.
Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimag

In response to Holland’s nickname for her as a “wise owl,” Zendaya said, “You know, listen, I have an old soul. Always have. People call me grandma, and I will take that.”

Earlier on Sunday, Holland and Zendaya, both 25, were seen swapping loving gazes and even holding hands at one point during a photo call.

Zendaya and Tom Holland on a red carpet
The real-life couple took their love public in July.
Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimag

Rumors first swirled that Holland and Zendaya were dating in 2017 when they co-starred in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

However, their romance wasn’t confirmed until July when they were photographed showing plenty of PDA during a steamy makeout in the car.

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