Control your appliances with these convenient smart plugs

Always dreamed of having your own personal assistant?

Technology gives us the next best thing — home appliances that work via voice command. Alexa and Google Home lovers know the convenience voice command can bring, and now with the Smart Dual Plug Outlet with Alexa and Google Home Capability, you can set up your home appliances to respond to your voice as well. And you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to make this cool feature happen: right now this smart outlet is available during the Labor Day sale for just $21.99 for a limited time.

The Smart Dual Plug Outlet with Alexa and Google Home Capability brings your home into the 21st century. You’ll take advantage of the cool technology of automation and voice control simply by plugging it into your wall outlet. Just connect the home appliances you’d like to have easier control of to the smart outlet. Then, thanks to Alexa Echo and Google Home compatibility, you’ll be able to use the power of your voice to turn on your lamp, fan, coffee maker, humidifier, or other daily go-to products.

Smart Dual Plug Outlet with Alexa & Google Home Capability
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If you tend to be forgetful in nature, you’ll love the added security of the included companion app. It allows you to control your devices anywhere, anytime. This means if you accidentally forgot to turn off a light before heading off on vacation or simply can’t remember if you unplugged your hair straightener while you’re at work, you can open up the app and cut the power off even when you’re far away. This helps give you peace of mind and also efficiently reduces your power consumption.

Do you keep a strict schedule? You can customize a schedule in the companion app for your home appliances, setting your items up to work automatically to make your life a little easier. Worried about taking up precious outlet space in your place? Fortunately, this Smart Dual Plug Outlet has space for 4 different devices, giving you the ability to plug in double the items.

Make your routines a little more seamless with help from the Smart Dual Plug Outlet with Alexa and Google Home Capability. It’s available now for a limited time for just $21.99 during our Labor Day sale.

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