There is a possibility of a fatal accident as jute sticks are placed next to the Dhalarchar railway line in Pabna

Uttam Kumar Bera (Pabna) Correspondent: The whole jute season is going on from Dhalarchar to Kashinathpur area. Farmers are busy washing jute. Jute is used on both sides of the railway to wash and dry the jute sticks.

From Dhalarchar to Kashinathpur, the scene of farmers keeping jute sticks has taken a horrible turn, which could lead to major train accidents. So the locals demanded to clear the side of the railway line quickly and ensure smooth movement.

Locals say that last year people from the railway authorities used to come and do miking to keep both sides of the railway line clean but this year it is different. The jute sticks have been kept in such a way that when the dry jute sticks dry near the railway line, the light wind actually tilts over the railway line, in which case the train will actually have a fatal accident.

Some of the locals say that we Bengalis are not alert until an accident occurs so we demand the railway authorities to keep the side of the railway line clean before any major accident occurs.

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