The story of Montaz, an 80-year-old man

Gaurab Prasad Saha, Dhamairhat (Naogaon) Correspondent: The house of 70-year-old Montaz Hossain in Chakmayaram area of ​​Dhamairhat upazila of Naogaon. The skin of his body shows how old he is. He has become an ice cream vendor at this age while trying to pull the grindstone of the needy world. I met old Montaz while selling ice cream to small children on the side of the road. His only resource is the Jandhara van driven on foot. There is a box placed in the middle of the van; There is a picture of some ice cream with the words ‘Mitu Super Ice Cream’ written on it. The price of ice cream varies from 5 to 10 rupees. It was learned in the conversation that his only life partner in the house is Mosa. Mennacha at the crossroads of life and death. He has been paralyzed for many years and is seriously ill. He has to get out of the house every morning as an ice cream vendor to run his family and pay for his wife’s treatment. There is no daughter, there are three sons. Their family does not survive on what they get by working. It is also known that usually the younger students of the school buy more ice cream from him. His livelihood has come to a standstill as all the educational institutions were closed during the Corona period. Yet he does not stop. Going to different places in the villages, small children come to buy ice cream by blowing the horn of the van. “I am fascinated when little children run up to me and say, ‘Grandpa, give me some ice cream,'” said Montaz. This is how my whole day is spent with them. When he returned home, he was in trouble. Ten years passed with this decrepit body as a peddler. The man of the house is in trouble with me. ” “Father Ray, ice cream is no longer sold as it used to be,” he lamented. Five rupees, ten rupees to sell and how much money – or profit? ”

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