Maine woman Kayla Blake made bomb threats to beau’s work

A Maine woman allegedly schemed to spend more time with her beau by calling in a pair of bomb threats at his workplace last week, a report said.

Kayla Blake, 33, is accused of reporting the dual threats in separate phone calls to Main State Police just hours apart last Thursday, authorities told the Portland Press Herald.

In the first call, Blake allegedly threatened to place an explosive at a Puritan Medical Products plant in Pittsfield, where her boyfriend works.

Two hours later, the woman allegedly said she planned to leave four pipe bombs near the plant, Pittsfield police Chief Harold “Pete” Bickmore told the newspaper.

The threats forced both of the company’s Pittsfield plants to shut down for the day. About 400 workers were evacuated or told not to come in and manufacturing was halted, the report said.

Investigators were able to trace the calls back to Blake, who reportedly confessed to the threats and said she did not have any bombs.

Blake was charged with felony terrorizing.

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