Utah man Marc Davis douses woman with gas, tries to torch her with flare

A Utah man doused a woman with gasoline then tried to torch her with a road flare, police said.

Marc Davis, 49, chased the victim down a street in Clinton with the flare in one hand and red cooler full of drugs and drug paraphernalia in the other, according to reports.

Police found him hiding in a residential yard, covered with a blanket in a deep hole in the ground, FOX 13 News reported, citing the police report.

At first, Davis pretended to be mute – then denied throwing gas on the woman or chasing her with the flare, according to the TV station.

In the cooler, which Davis allegedly denied owning, cops reportedly found “a large amount of a solid crystal like substance, three bags of a leafy green like substance, a zip lock baggie of white powder, spoons, needles, tutor straws, pipes, bongs, a small glass container, baggies, a scale, and a folding knife.”

Police arrested the man for attempted murder, weapon possession and 12-drug related counts, ABC4 reported.

Davis had apparently had an active warrant out at the time of his arrest, stemming from a previous drug and weapon charge in March, KSL.com said. Prosecutors at that time noted the accused had “multiple prior convictions” out of California, according to KSL.com

The victim, who wasn’t identified, had burns on her skin and shirt. She received treatment at the scene but was not hospitalized. Police didn’t say how the accused and victim knew each other.

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