Biden’s approval ratings on key issues continue to fall: poll

President Biden is facing a crisis of confidence among the American people, as public approval for his handling of the COVID pandemic, the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border ​and gun violence continues to decline, according to a new poll. 

Even in areas where he’s still getting relatively high approval ratings, like the coronavirus and infrastructure, his numbers have fallen in the past month, an ABC News/Ipsos poll shows.

Biden’s overall approval/disapproval rating is at 45 percent – 49 percent — showing more Americans disapprove of his performance than approve.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans approve of his handling of the pandemic — his highest numbers in the poll — but that’s down seven points from the end of August and a whopping 15 points from March. 

Americans also approve of the president’s handling of infrastructure — 55 percent to 44 percent — but disapproval has jumped by nine points since the end of last month.

On other issues, though, the president is under water.

Voting rights activists participate in a demonstration at Lafayette Square in Washington, DC.
Voting rights activists participate in a demonstration at Lafayette Square in Washington, DC.
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Only 33 percent of respondents approve of his handling of immigration and the situation at the US-Mexican border; 38 percent, gun violence; and 38 percent, Afghanistan.

In July’s poll, 55 percent approved of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

A majority of Americans — 58 percent — say migrants seeking asylum at the border should be allowed to remain in the US until their cases can be heard by an immigration judge. 

Joe Biden protest
President Biden’s approval ratings have fallen across a variety of issues.
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Eighty-three percent of Democrats agree, compared to 57 percent of independents and 27 percent of Republicans.

The poll was conducted between Sept. 24 to 28 and surveyed 1,101 adults.

It has a plus/minus 3.7 percentage points margin of error.

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