Bangladesh’s position is better now in many ways: PM

Stressing on the need to focus on strengthening digital security, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “With the advent of new technological innovations, excellence and its evolution, security issues will also increase.”

“We need to focus on security now,” he said. In fact, just as technology creates opportunities for us, it can also cause problems. In that sense, it is possible we had to rethink our security. ”

Sheikh Hasina said, “We have to think about this and many other things starting from the money deposited in the bank (be careful).”

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the third meeting of ‘Digital Bangladesh Task Force’ at her official residence Ganobhaban.

Noting that the advancement of technology will continue to increase day by day, he said, “Every day new ideas will come. The excellence of technology will continue to increase day by day. But every day new thoughts will come. I think now maybe it applies, but it will go further. We have to keep that in mind all the time. ‘

Instructing to increase research, the Prime Minister said, “We also need to give more importance to research.” We always need research. Need to do research. May we also keep pace with the world. I want Bangladesh to set an example for all.

Sheikh Hasina said, the biggest thing is that our young community is more numerous. If we can make them suitable – we can make not only this generation, but also the next generation suitable. In that Bangladesh will be smart from digital. At the same time, I believe that we will be able to move forward in all aspects of our education, industry, trade and economy.

“Another thing many people say is that our talents are running out, I don’t think too much about it,” he said. Because there is a time when those who go may go out with education, earn money. Again, many are studying abroad, but many are returning to the country.

The Prime Minister said, starting from different industries, many, new generation they are leaving. Come and work. Because of our digital Bangladesh, but the tasks have become easier. That is why they now see that they are able to do their job well even sitting in Bangladesh.

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